The Legendary Kingdom of Almazur

CHAPTER 1: Our last hope

Kelan was dressed in his armor, looking out the window at the countryside and was in deep thought. Its had been many moons since they had come to this place. They had named it Almazur and they had crowned him their king. He had worked hard to make this place a peaceful one and a pride for his people but now he could imagine that it may no longer be. As the general entered into the room the king asked “Do you have any news”. “The enemy is getting closer sire”.the general said. The king’s face grew red with anger “Kelmar will pay for this. Nobody should have known about this place. Its secret has kept all our people safe for such a long time”. Now they will think that I did this. It doesn’t matter, I will take the blame”. He moved towards the table and grabbed his helmet and sword. He looked one last time out of the window and saw a farmer in the fields having dinner with his family. The king’s grip on his sword tightened and he spoke to the general with a shroud of emotion “General, no matter what happens we should not let this place fall. Its our people’s only hope”.

CHAPTER 2: Following the footsteps

A team of archaeologists were working on site on the mountainside somewhere in east Bulgaria . “I never thought we would find the place of a great battle”. said Catherine, one of the archaeologists to a colleague in an excited way as she brushed some of the artifacts. “There is so much here for us to discover”.

“Hey Catherine, look at this” shouted Jason from a few yards away. He carefully grabbed a stone tablet from the hole that they had dug in the ground. “It seems to be written in some unknown dialect” he said. “You are the language expert. See if you can make something of this”. She observed the tablet ” Judging from the stone texture, It seems to be at least a thousand years old”. As Catherine tried to decipher the strange words, letters started popping in her mind. “Its seems to be written about the battle of Almazur. Strange, I thought that that Almazur was legend. Hmm looks like a historian wrote about the battle of Almazur as it happened. Look it says here “King Kalen marched 10 leagues to the south of Almazur towards the great mountain of Azeer. There he made camp. When the enemy came there was a big battle. King Kalen fought bravely and died in the battle, So did his army of brave warriors and so did the enemy. As I take my last breath I can say with pride that the enemy didn’t make it to our home. We stopped them”.

Catherine stood in surprise as she read those last words, trying to digest them. So Almazur wasn’t destroyed as the legend says. Do you think its possible that it might still exist? She said and she looked at Jason to see if he had an answer.

Its been a thousand years Catherine and Almazur is stuff of legend.” chuckled Jason.

“Is it? she said and looked at him firmly ” I think we better find out”, she said

This is the story for the entry into the digital tutors competition. I was not satisfied with my entry so I am going to work on it again. As the story is of a larger scope, It will take some time before I finish it.

Mountain Range Landscape

mountain range upload

The following is a test render of the landscape that I will be using in my Mountain Range project. The landscape was initially designed in Vue using fractal nodes and then exported to world machine to be eroded. Rendered at 1920 to 1080 pixels in Vue to give a better view. Next I will work on creating materials for the mountains.