Houdini Apprentice HD

I have been using the Apprentice HD version of Houdini for some time now and its a great piece of software. I am planning to use it as a fluid and smoke simulator with blender as the main modeling tool. Lets see how it goes.

The software is a great tool for special effect. A learning edition of the software can be downloaded from the following website and going to the download tab.


2 thoughts on “Houdini Apprentice HD

  1. Hey I finally got a chance to see your site. Where is your work?
    You have several posts about things that I don’t know even know what they are. LOL!

    1. Dont worry. I will have something posted by the end of this week as I have already started a project. I could’nt post anything before because of studies and just didn’t get time. I will really appreciate if you can subscrible to my blog.

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